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By the Hand of Dragons:

Back from the brink of death with new enemies, new allies, and even more power, Shefa must learn; sometimes it's who you don't kill that makes the difference.

Blurb for Rizel

Na-zii and the Council of Chimera race Shefa to the Seven Cities of Lore, hoping one of the
scholars there can save his waning life, but there is more going on in the sister cities than study and homework, and some of it could spell doom for the entire continent.

With magic inconsistent at best, civilization has come to a standstill. Citizens so used to arcane
solutions now have to take up the old ways, and not all are fit for survival.

Silvetera, the superpower nation, still must be brought to heel if our heroes are going to
accomplish their mission. Yet some would prefer death to domination.

The stage is set, armies muster, and every piece on the board is deadly. Will Fuumashon be united
in time to stop the true threat on their shores, or will their ancient foe find them divided and devour them one by one?

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